Living with Celiac Disease

Today marks approximately 6 months since I was first diagnosed with celiac disease. Figuring out what was wrong with me helped my life in so many ways, but it is still a struggle.

Finding out that you have celiac disease is a life shift. For better or worse, you find out that you can no longer have most of your favorite foods. Love bread? Forget it. Crave pizza? Not anymore. Want to have a cupcake? Not likely. The worst part is that gluten isn’t just in the obvious foods like flour. If only it were that easy. No. Gluten is in shampoo and medication. It contaminates everything it touches and the smallest amount could leave someone with celiac sick for months.

In the beginning, I thought reports of such sensitivities were exaggerated to say the least. I didn’t believe that celiac disease was real, or at least not as prevalent as all the people who SAY they are “gluten-free.”

Sadly, now I know them to be true. I have been sick for months because someone used the wrong deep fryer at my local wing place, and before that because the restaurant tried to make me something gluten-free but didn’t realize how careful they needed to be.

So, six months in, my husband and I eat almost every meal at home. We have to bring food for me everywhere we go. Even in cities, my sole option is sometimes fruit or a protein bar. I also struggle with my vitality. I feel weak and sick most of the time. I am under a doctor’s care and I see a specialist soon, but it is hard. I am trying to improve my overall wellness. Eating nutritious food and moving more seem to be the key.

Baby steps.

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